How to gamble with bitcoins

Bitcoin casino

Gambling with bitcoin is requires several steps. First your must get a bitcoin wallet, then you must acquire some bitcoins and finally you must choose a bitcoin casino to place your gambles.
In this guide we will take you through each of these steps, so you easily can can start gambling with your bitcoins

Getting your first bitcoin wallet

In order to store and transfer bitcoins, you will need a bitcoin wallet. You can have both a hot and and cold wallet. For this articles, we will focus on the hot wallet, which means that this is stored online and easy to access.

We will recommend, that you choose one of the following:

Once you have downloaded and installed your wallet, then you are ready to to get som bitcoins in your wallet to spend.

Funding your bitcoin wallet

Now, in order to start your bitcoin betting adventure, you will have to get some bitcoins in your wallet. To do this, you will have either have to mine your way to these coins, or alternatively visit one of the many exchanges, where you can buy bitcoins with your credit card.

We have a few exchanges listed here, but you can easily search the internet and find many more.

Once you have funded your bitcoin wallet by bank transfer, credit card, PayPal or by other means, then you are ready to find a place for bitcoin betting.

Betting with bitcoins

First you must know, that to find a bitcoin casino, you must look a bit outside your regular bookies and casino. You can find many lists around on the web for operators, which provide bitcoin as deposit option, but to be a real bitcoin sportsbook or casino, you must find one, where you account balance is also in bitcoins. If account balance is in any other currency, then you risk that the exchange rate of bitcoin towards that currency will fluctuate and you could potentially lose some money.

Make a search in google and read some reviews before you decide to choose you online bitcoin casino or sportsbook. Also you will typically be able to read about any promotions offered by these bookmakers and casinos, which can be a first deposit bonus or maybe some specail offer on UEFA Champions League or similar. You may also find some casinos offering free spins and some even without requiring a deposit at all.

Final thoughts

Transfering bitcoins to your bitcoin sportsbook or casino is very easy. Simply transfer to your dedicated bitcoin wallet address, which you will find once you login to the operator. For getting money out, simply fill in your own personal wallet address. Also withdrawals are much faster than with regular bookmakers.

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